Reinventing le mode

It really bothers me when people say things like that concept isn’t new when reviewing a designers collection. The truth is unless its totally out of date like a shoulder padded, puff sleeved floral print skirt suit (all in one), a skirt would never make a great blouse, and a t shirt wouldn’t make a nice pair of shorts. My point is the concept when its comes to silhouette will always be the similar and its up to the designer to personalize and interpret these basic ideas in their own way. So people shouldn’t be so quick to judge designers, it only results in producing all those "designers" with an identity crisis talking about the kind of avant-garde you shouldn’t wear to sleep. No vision, no target market, just designing so people can say they are inventing something totally new. That being said I hope your all having a great day! *wide grin*.


Beauty Phenomenal

Thula 1
Thula 2
Thula 3
Thula 4
Thula 5
So I stumbled on this editorial called "black beauty" and I thought to my self this girl doesn't look familiar but wow what a strikingly beautiful face. Being the model stalker that I am I did some research on her and it turns out shes currently signed with Diva Models and she is originally from Cape Town in South Africa but moved to Denmark to pursue her modeling career (according to her model mayhem profile).

Moving on, anybody who knows me well enough will know I am a big makeup junkie so this editorial featuring Thula Neka put a wide grin on my face. The photography was done by Isa Jacob, outstanding Hair and Makeup by Zenia Jaeger and styling by My Ringsted. 

Perfect for Russia

 Another September issue cover I love, the beautiful Natalia Vodianova for Vogue Russia September 2010. Her skin and those earrings put together make perfection at its best. The photography once again was done by the talented duo Mert and Marcus. They also did the covers for Love magazine's fall 2010 issue.

Paris Dans Les Yeux

Marion Cotillard looking extra rad on the cover of Vogue Paris September 2010, photography by Mert and Marcus. Marion looks beyond amazing, plus the makeup is impeccable. Looks like the bleached brows and dark lipstick trend is here to stay, well I am not complaining, it creates a perfect feel for fall. Now the only problem is how do I get my hands on a copy? I live in Canada and lets just say most distributors here seem to have an interest in American Vogue alone (can't find Vogue Italia or Vogue Paris sadly....sigh).



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Kelly's Lavender

KO 2
KO 3
KO 4

KO 7
KO 5
Kelly Osbourne one gorgy girl and her style is so adorable, she looks great like all the time especially with that lavender hair I want so badly *deep sigh*. I also love how she lost weight but still kept her curves. I know this is coming in a little late, cause shes been killing it for a minute now, but I cant help myself shes all kinds of chaud!.


Mode et The Vert

SNV35637The things that make me happy. After a long busy day of walking around town in 6 inch wedges and a mini bodycon skirt, there’s nothing more comforting than coming home to my old books/magazines from the late 80’s to the early 90’s and a cup of green tea. Some way some how I find beauty in their "shriveled" state. in the words of Barbara Hulanicki "I love old things. Modern things are so cold. I need things that have lived".


Red Memories

Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You. I remember watching this video as a little girl thinking when I grow up my lips will be painted red all day everyday. This is one of my bestest songs...


If Wishes Were Horses

3.1 Phillip Lim fall 2010
This amazing ensemble is from the 3.1 Phillip Lim fall 2010 collection. To live in this outfit is my dream for fall, its so comfortable, its so lush, its so yum!

Time Travel

Audrey in sabrina
Audrey Hepburn and William Holden in the movie Sabrina (1954). This dress speaks to my soul *sigh*. All I can say is thank you Hubert de Givenchy for creating timeless garments. Your one of my heroes...