Flight Club

One of the core ingredients that make fashion week what it is, is the discovery of new trends. This season, aviator fashion happens to be one of the trends I have spotted (watch out for my fashion week post, I know I am a little late please bear with me sigh). Long before aviator fashion became trendy it was Amelia Earharts personal style. She was not just the first woman to travel across the Atlantic, but also the inventor/designer of the famous jumpsuit and she pioneered aviator fashion. Her style was androgynous, she wore a bomber jacket, a leather trench, masculine laced up boots, the jumpsuit, goggles and soft leather helmets/aviator hats.


Her style is now used as an inspiration in capturing the adventurous appearance of pilot fashion. Jean Paul Gaultier mentioned that she was the afflatus behind his fall 2009 collection for Hermes


And the Burberry Prorsum fall 2010 collection (which i love love! that shearling lined bomber jacket is a must have its ridiculously fetch!), also shows influence from flight fashion. Your modern day Amelia will probably look like one of the girls from these shows. The Pilot fashion trend further gave rise to items like the trapper hat and aviator sunglasses. 

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